Synthpop Club Anthems

new forms of synthetic pop V.2.0

1. Echo Image - Skulk (Skulkete Graebbi Mix by Icon of Coil)
2. Moulin Noir - Spellbound (Run Level Zero Mix)
3. New Clear Sky - Vast (SIX's Colossal Mix)
4. Merge - Autumn Leaf (Iris Mix)
5. Count to Infinity - Undertow (Dead Star Mix by Icon of Coil)
6. Sweep - Emptiness Your Loneliness (Echo Image Remix)
7. The Nine - Control (Domination Mix)
8. Cosmicity - Defeat (DJ Ram Mix)
9. System22 - Until You Say You Are (Iris Mix)
10. Neuroactive - Play (Club Mix)
11. KAJ - Picture On the Wall (Maxi Mix)
12. The Echoing Green - Heart With a View- (Echo Image Remix)
13. Neuropa - Beyond Here and Now (Intensified)
14. Blue October - SKYInverted (Motions Through a Cosmos Mix)
15. Wave In Head - I Began to Hope (Maxi Mix)

compilation release by: a different drum