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spring 2003

MERGE are still busy...

new compilation

"Todd" just release a new cd compilation in U.S.A. at:


Synthpop for a Darkened Room incl. Ocean Rain

July/August/September 2002


The CLUBLINE VOL. 3 compilation is out now!
Please check out the BLOODLINE homepage for the latest news. Thanx!

April/May/June 2002

Synthpop Club Anthems

Hey folks! There is a new CD-compilation
"Synthpop Club Anthems" out now...


...for more informations visit:

A Different Drum


March 2002

Don´t forget: MERGE live in Bielefeld

For the first time we´ll play live at the Auftakt-Festival
This gig will take place at the "JZ KAMP" in the city of BIELEFELD (GERMANY).
Price: 7€
Doors open at 20.30Uhr


The famous syndicate of remixing-art RAZORMAID finished an 10 minute track of "lost in eternity". They´re known from remixes for Depeche Mode and Madonna. This promosampler is not official available in the shops...sorry! But you can visit the great RAZORMAID
homepage. Hey on this cd RAZORMAID r-15 you can also find known acts like "Placebo" and "Orbital" (!)

MERGE goes Techno ?!?

We recorded a special cover version of Bmovie´s "Nowhere Girl" for one of the biggest vinyl label ("Undercover Music Group") around. Some DJ´s are still remixing this Track for the dance and techno scene. More news about this fact will follow...

MERGE song´s on cd-sampler

World of Synthpop 4 "lost in etrnity"
CLUBLINE 3 "Autumn Leaf" (IRIS-remix)

February 2002

A DIFFERENT DRUM best-selling-chart
In february we moved to the 6th place in the best-slling-charts of A-DIFFERENT-DRUM.

January 2002

New single out now!
Our new single "autumn leaf" launched the U.S.A. !
We entered the "A-Different-Drum best selling charts" at the 13th position.

MERGE hit the American-Progressive-Dance-Charts
We are taking place in the "American Underground Dance Charts" for 23 weeks! Our 1st single "lost in eternity" is a smash hit! Have a look at it: ProgressiveDancePromotion

MERGE live in Bielefeld!
On march 15th we´re live on stage. We´ll play at JZ Kamp on the Auftakt-Festival (Bielefeld).

Dezember 2001


Merry X-Mas and a happy new year!

November 2001

What´s up?

What´s up in the world? Again and again... we still hope that the MCD "autumn leaf" will be released this year! Come back and stay for good news...

September 2001

Maxi-CD release changed!

The sound MCD "Autumn Leaf" may be released at 11th November in Europe and U.S.A. .
On this MCD also two remixes taking place! The bands are "Echoing Green" and "Iris".
Additional we´re still working on an new song for this single!


for more informations visit:

A Different Drum


August 2001

Merge live in Frankfurt!
We will play live on the "Media-Markt Handy Night" at August 18th in the Nord-West-Zentrum in the city of Frankfurt a.M. . Aftershow disconight with Sabine Schneider and Michael Kasper of Hit-Radio-FFH!
Doors open at 19:00
Begin: 19.30 Uhr
Entry: 5 DM

July 2001

Sonic Seducer Interview
At the next issure of the Sonic Seducer Magazine we are takeing part with an interview. So watch out in september!
es ein Interview mit MERGE geben...

Guestbook still alive!
We launched the guestbook on an alternative server. So what you´re waiting for? Sign our guestbook...

Merge on Air!
Am Montag den 2.7.2001 wird auf Radio Hochstift (Paderborn) die Aufzeichnung eines Interviews über das AStA-Sommerfestival von 19-20 Uhr ausgestrahlt. Holger von Merge stand Rede und Antwort.
Antenne: 93,7 MHz & 88,1 Mhz
Kabel: 87,6 Mhz
(nur Raum Paderborn!)

New MCD from MERGE!
The sound MCD "Autumn Leaf" will be release on October 9th in the U.S.A. !
On this MCD also two remixes taking place! The bands are "Echoing Green" and "Iris".

Juni 2001

We did it again...
For a secound time we´re on the pole position at the
A-DIFFERENT-DRUM Weekly-Selling-Charts.

Thank you very much!

Merge remaining at the Top Ten (4 weeks)
We succsessfully defeded our 3rd place at the
A-DIFFERENT-DRUM Weekly-Selling-Charts.

may 2001

Some interviews comming up!
Black, E-lectric, Orkus, Re-flexion, Zillo

LOST HEROES auf Platz 1

It´s unbelievable! We´re on the pole position of the weekly bestseller at A-Different-Drum. Thanx a lot! (3 weeks)


A Different Drum - Top 10 Best Sellers
UPDATED WEEKLY! (may 6th-27th)
By the way it´s the 3rd week...

#1 - Merge "Lost Heroes"
#2 - The Nine "Dreamland"
#3 - B! Machine "Hybrid"
#4 - Assemblage 23 "Failure"
#5 - Depeche Mode "Dream On"
#6 - Echo Image "Compuphonic"
#7 - Blue October "Preaching Lies to the Righteous"
#8 - Camouflage "The Great Commandment 2.0"
#9 - Intact "Inner Workings"
#10 - Perfidious Words "Hydrogen Skies"

New gig in Paderborn (21. Juni)
See us at the next Sommerparty!
University of Paderborn

FULL-TIME-CD: (out now!)



"LOST IN ETERNITY" (Fictional-Remix)
~ may 2001

april 2001

FULL-TIME-CD: (out now!)

~ april 24th 2001

Live-Auftritt in Heidelberg (2. Juni)
Don´t miss your 3rd chance: see us on the next Depeche-Mode-Party at the SCHWIMMBAD MUSIC CLUB (Heidelberg).

Contract with "A Differnt Drum"
All "Merge" products will be released in the U.S.A.
on the "a differnt drum" label.
have a look at: http;//

march 2001

SAMPLER: (out now!)
New Forms Of Synthetic Pop V.2.0
sampler: "lost in eternity" (album-mix)
~ april 2001

next live-gig at the Felsenkeller (Höxter)
Our next gig will be at the
"Tanz der Schatten" party on april 21th.
Felsenkeller Höxter (Germany)

feb. 2001

MAXI-CD: (out now!)
~ march 12th 2001